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Somerville Air Duct Cleaning protects you, your family members, and living space from allergens, dust, dust mites, mold, and indoor air pollution. We specialize in residential and business duct & vent cleaning and servicing.

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The cleanest air you've ever breathed.

Dust, dirt, debris, and mold accumulate and collect inside your HVAC heating and cooling system, ducts, and vents over time. Our team of National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) Certified Member duct and vent cleaning professionals specialize in safely and quickly removing and remediating these hazards from your home. When we're done cleaning your ducts, you'll notice that you breathe more easily, are sick less often, and your allergies will be gone! We have a great amount of pride in the work we do to protect you and your family and prevent air pollution in your home with our cleaning services. Your home or business will be the best and healthiest they've ever been!

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The #1 Premiere air duct cleaning service. We provide air duct and dryer vent cleaning services in Somerville, MA and the Greater Boston Area.

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Quality air, quality life!

Quality air is a basic human right. Your home indoor air quality should be as good as it can be: fresh, clear, clean, and healthy. A correctly functioning home or business HVAC air heating and cooling system is absolutely essential to creating and perpetuating a safe, healthy and comfortable living and breathing environment. Clean air duct work and vent systems operate much more efficiently when compared to those packed with debris, dust, dirt, or who knows what else!

Clean and clear air ducts will greatly reduce your utility electric bills every month all while making your home or business air noticeably cleaner and fresher. Statistics and studies from the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) reveal that on average, a household of six rooms collects approximately 40 pounds of dirt, dust, and allergens in its air duct and vent system.

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Beware of "blow-and-go" air duct cleaning scams.

We want homeowners and business owners to be cautious of non-reputable air duct cleaning companies that run scams. These companies, known in the industry as "blow-and-go" air duct cleaning scams will attempt to trick you that you have dangerous molds or toxins in your HVAC heating and cooling system that you may not actually have. While these kinds of particulates can and do exist in some dirty systems, they are not always present.

Our team of professional NADCA Member duct cleaning technicians will always be clear and honest with you about what your home or business needs. We'll work with you closely, assess the condition and circumstance of your individual duct or vent system, and only provide the services that you will benefit from. We promise to always:

- Provide the best and most honest care

- Never up-charge you on necessary or expensive services

- Always ask your permission before doing anything in your home or business.

- Be clear, concise, and honest about what we see and what we're looking for in your home

- Work with you closely and personally to work out a price and agreement that fits your needs and your financial situation

- Provide free estimates and quotes about what's in your home ductwork and what needs cleaning

- Be clear and truthful about all potential adverse health risks

- Be considerate with your time and generous with ours.

- Make sure the job is done right the first time

- Always make things right with the customer if they're not 100% satisfied

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The need-to-know about air duct cleaning.

While it is crucial that your air ducts be clean and clear, it doesn't stop there. The whole HVAC heating and cooling system in your home living space or business workspace needs to be cleaned in its entirety. If only one segment of a system is cleaned and the rest is allowed to remain dirty, this can recontaminate the whole system, and in some cases make things worse if certain blocked passages are now clear while contaminants and toxins remain in the system.

Our friends as NADCA compare this to only cleaning half of your living room floor. Just as you wouldn't only clean part of your floor and leave the rest dirty and dusty, your whole HVAC system should be clean and clear as well. To schedule a cleaning, call us at (857) 763-5665.

The following are components of the HVAC ductwork and vent system that need to be cleaned and maintained:

- Coils

- Air ducts

- Registers

- Grills

- Air plenum

- Vents

- Drain pan

- Blower motor

- Blower assembly

- Air filters

- Air cleaners

In the HVAC duct cleaning process, there are two major steps:

1. Breaking contaminants loose

2. Collecting loose and removed contaminants

Breaking Contaminants Loose

The first step in properly cleaning an HVAC duct and vent system is breaking free and loose all of the caked and layered dirt, dust, debris, and other material. This removal begins by using one or more tools called agitation devices designed specially to weaken and loosen caked and packed contaminants from the surfaces within the heating and air conditioning system (any of the components of the system listed above). Agitation devices include: brushes, compressed air nozzles or "skipper balls", or air whips. Debris can be agitation also by hand by hand-brushing or direct vacuuming.

Collecting Loose Contaminants

To ensure a safe cleaning environment and not to send debris out into the living space or business while cleaning is in progress, we switch the entire HVAC system into a continuous negative pressure state; essentially just a giant vacuum to prevent the dispersal of contaminants. This uninterrupted vacuum negative pressure means that even the finest and smallest particulates will be removed from the system as we dislodge them and they become airborne. This is essential in preventing these hazardous and irritating particles from entering the living space when the duct system is restarted when cleaning is complete. Negative vacuum pressure also allows us to extract all loosened contaminants and removed from your workplace or home.

How do I know if my ducts need cleaning?

There are many warning signs that your air ducts, dryer vents, or HVAC system may be contributing to air pollution and microbial growth in your home or business:

- Dark lines along walls, ceiling, or carpet

- Debris visible on the floor, ceiling, carpet, or walls around vent covers

- Evidence of condensation or water leaks in your home

- Mold or mildew around vents or accumulating on floors or ceilings

- Dirty, dusty, or discolored vent covers and openings

- Excessive amounts of dust and debris in your home

- Recent construction activity

- HVAC system not working as expected

- Cooling or heating not behaving normally

- Odd smells of dust or mold coming through your vents

- Excessive or unusual allergies or sickness

- Visible water damage around vents or airways

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Health benefits of duct & vent system cleaning.

The process of air duct and vent duct cleaning involves the removal of dust, microbes, bacteria, debris, and other hazardous contaminants from the ductwork or venting in your home. Professional care and service is needed to ensure these harmful air polluting contaminants are completely removed to prevent it from recirculating through the home and creating poor indoor air quality. Hire our professional air duct cleaning services to keep your home or business dust-free and keep the air safe and healthy to breathe.

Other benefits of duct and vent cleaning include:

Healthy Living Environment

Clean air is crucial for staying safe and healthily at your home or office. Somerville Air Duct Cleaning's professional services ensure that we remove all dust and debris circulating through the dirty air ducts and ductwork in your home. If cleaned improperly or incompletely, microbes, mites, or even toxins can be dispersed into your home and onto your furniture, into your carpets, and settle on surfaces. Our comprehensive air duct and vent cleaning greatly reduces the amount of hazardous air pollutants, ensuring a hygienic and safe home or business environment.

Clean Breathing Air

Allergens, dust, dirt, and other airborne pollutants and allergens can cause serious adverse health conditions. When these pollutants circulate through the air in your home, they enter the nose, making you sneeze, coughing, and become congested. These particles may also act as catalysts that trigger lung issues in the future over long exposure. Somerville Air Duct Cleaning services ensure that your environment is comfortable by eliminating these dangerous and irritating substances from your home HVAC heating and cooling system, ducts, and vents.

Eliminating Odors

Putrid odors in your home or business may not be from the fridge! Over time, pet hair, toxic household cleaning products, paint fumes, molds, cigar or cigarette smoke, and other substances accumulate and become trapped in your venting and ductwork. This accumulation of material, debris, dust, dirt, or lint may begin to smell as it rots or decays in your vents, hidden from sight, causing unpleasant musty or nasty smells throughout your home. With our detailed and careful cleaning process, we completely eliminate all odor particles trapped in your ducts, leaving your house or business smelling cleaner, fresher, and healthier.

Eliminate Irritants & Allergens

While dust and debris need to be cleared from ducts and vents, other harmful contaminants and microorganisms must also be considered. Other hazardous factors such as pet fur, hair, dander, bacteria, and mold spores can severely effect people who struggle with respiratory disorders or those who are very sensitive to airborne particulates and irritants. Regular air duct cleaning leads to healthier and happier lifestyle and quality of life.

Remove Toxins

Many of the kinds of dirt and debris that get stuck circulating through your dirty HVAC system ductwork is toxic and dangerous to the body. Our full cleaning service system targets and eradicates these toxins, leaving your home or business healthier and safer.

Improve Airflow

Venting and ductwork caked with grime and debris can quickly impede and hinder the airflow of your HVAC and home heating and cooling system. This restricted air effects the proper flow from furnaces and air conditioners, making your home heating and cooling system work much harder than it was designed to in order to keep your home hot in the Winter and cool in the Summer. This impedance causes your HVAC to work far less efficiently and can even cause it to break or need premature repairs. Adversely, a clean ductwork system will work as efficiently as possible, as we're clearing all obstructions. This helps your energy consumption, and in turn, your wallet.

Somerville Air Duct Cleaning service and deep cleaning process will resolve all airflow problems quickly and effectively. Our #1 top-quality service technicians leave your ducts cleaner than when they were knew. Contact us to get the best service available in the Somerville, MA and Greater Boston area!

Maximize HVAC Efficiency

By clearing all debris and obstructions from all of the air systems and dirty air ducts in your living space or working space, we ensure that your installed HVAC air system is working properly and efficiently. This drastically improves energy and maintenance costs, saving you time and money all while making sure that your existing heating and cooling system is working at peak capacity.

Environmental Awareness

Clear ductwork and vents allow for efficient HVAC systems and airflow throughout your home, business, or living space. When your air system can work and flow freely, you're saving on energy, electricity, and maintenance costs. The more efficient your home, the more clean and green you are, lessening your environmental impact and energy use.

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Antimicrobial Chemical Treatments

In special circumstances during cleaning, we will need to employ antimicrobial chemicals such as chemical sanitizers, bacterial disinfectants, and/or deodorizers. These substances are used on sealed, nonporous surfaces in your HVAC systems to eradicate microbial growths and manage unpleasant odors that may be resulting from microbial growth.

We make sure that we only use chemicals that comply with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines and are safe. We always strive to use non-toxic materials and cleaning agents. We will only ever use such antimicrobial treatments as a last resort and will never use them without your permission or speaking with you first and explaining the situation. These chemical products will only be used after our standard physical, mechanical equipment surface cleaning has been conducted.

HVAC System Access

Every HVAC heating and cooling duct and vent system cleaning job is unique, as all homes and systems are unique. Our team will be clear and direct with you after our initial consultation visit about how we'll be approaching your unique situation and cleaning your system. Ductwork interior entry points will be made using already existing openings: supply diffusers, vents, return grills, duct end caps, etc. Our professional technicians may need to cut access holes to properly clean with the necessary cleaning equipment and tools, but all of these access openings will be communicated to our customers before we do anything. The proper and correct process of creating these service holes - as well as their following sealing and repair requires highly-trained craftsmanship and professional skill.

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Choose Somerville Air Duct Cleaning Service. Certifid NADCA Members and professionals in the Somerville area for many years, we make it simple for home and business owners looking for duct cleaning professionals in the Somverville, MA and Greater Boston area. Give us a call today for a free estimate. We look forward to cleaning your home to help you live cleaner, safer, and happier.

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